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“Not trusting third parties with unencrypted data” in my mind includes parties that control the entire chain of software required to access it. Say, a company that both stores your passwords on its own servers (and can retrieve it at will) and distributes software that you use to decrypt it (so posesses the decryption key).

Cloud password managers

So this, in my eyes, renders cloud password managers like LastPass and Bitwarden inherently insecure.

To be fair, even if they don’t keep their promises, they are still a major step up in security compared to not having one, as it’s very easy to a human being to slip into reusing passwords, which opens them up to attacks not just by the owner of their password manager, but waaaay more parties than that.

I recommend separating storage and access to parties that are vanishingly unlikely to cooperate to access your data.

You can use Syncthing to handle storage without any server storage at all, or your own instance of Nextcloud where server storage can be trusted. Just make sure that whatever software you use supports conflict resolution. Because this will be necessary. I myself recommend KeePassXC.

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