Power delivery

Power Delivery

A charging standard for devices with USB Type C ports, notable for supporting multiple voltages (5V to 20V as of 2021) and thanks to that capable of charging more types of devices.

User’s notes:

  • Compatibility mostly comes down to supported voltages.
    • Marketing materials confusingly use wattages a lot of the time. But smething like 45W can be provided both in 12V and 20V, a laptop might very well expect 20V.
  • Some of the shoddier devices cannot be charged over double-ended-Type-C cables; these can be satisfied Type-A—Type-C cables instead
  • As of 2021, maximum output power is around 240W, although it was changed very recently, from 100W; and even that isn’t necessary for all devices, 45W support is enough for the vast majority of hardware on the market today

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