When you’ve purchased a new device (any kind of consumer electronics, but the same applies to many other kinds of hardware too), make sure to:

  • Save purchase information, including:
    • Price (people may ask about it)
      • Ideally also in USD or whichever other currency defines its cost
    • Order identifier and receipt, to make it easier to deal with faulty products
  • Write down its expected warranty expiration, even better if it’s a system that can tell you when it expires; many task management solutions offer a “due date” and can display it relative to current date, e. g. “in 3 months” or “tomorrow”
  • Find a digital (⚠) version of its manual and save it in a central place — digital spaces are a lot easier to search than physical ones, and physical space in manuals costs more as well
    • Grocy has a dedicated section for notes and attachments regarding various home appliances, but it can be used for everything you want
    • Any decent note-taking app will do as well

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