Human thought


Most human thoughts are subjective, as in somehow tainted by the subject that has produced that thought. Fundamentally limited by the senses. Inherently linked to the world around.


We may construct amplifiers to reach beyond and learn more about the world, but we cannot get rid of this limitation without forgetting the world itself.


Claims of having done otherwise, reaching outside of human senses, also known as the supernatural, so far have been unfalsifiable and thus meaningless.

But arguing rationally over matters like this are impossible, because they are inherently subjective, and any arguments against it can be deflected through this being a personal perspective, which is impossible to know as well as your own.


It’s easy to think there’s no objective thought. That’s not quite true. Mathematics can be seen as an example. It lives on its own. It has no connection to the world whatsoever.

Is it useless then? By itself — probably. It gets back its meaning when re-attached to the real world. Yes, implying that it was conceived from it to begin with. Its beginnings at least.

In some minds it may have evolved beyond any connection to reality. Just for the fun of it. Some people enjoy this sort of activity. Is it useless? Not necessarily, applications for ideas devised as a result of this may be found later, as unlikely as this may be.


Emotions are heuristics. Estimation functions that we build over the course of our lives. Their main feat is their speed — they respond nigh-instantaneously at all times even in the most complicated of circumstances.

But as all heuristics are, they are a compass that does not always point in the direction of the right solution.

What makes this even more complicated, is that emotions in large amounts leave a lasting impact on functioning of an individual. So it’s important to keep a healthy balance and diversity of emotions in daily life, otherwise decisions start to get skewed in a certain direction and get less reliable.


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