đź“š Glossary

Definitions for words that may not be obvious to the readers. Thanks to link previews, these are very easy to look up! But because of how commonplace they can be, I don’t think they are a useful addition to the map. So I keep a separate list for these:

Directed Acyclic Graph

A directed acyclic graph (a DAG) from graph theory is a graph (a collection of arbitrarily connected dots), that’s directed (connections have a direction, i. e. they’re arrows, not lines) and acyclic (there are no cycles, i. e. routes along the arrows from any point towards itself).


FOSS stands for Free and Open Source Sofware.


Grepping, named after the famous grep utility, is a slang for “selecting results matching something”


Cross-fade (Wikipedia) in audio engineering is a transition between two tracks playing at the same time by fading one out and another one in.